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Consultancy (Cover Integrated Security Systems)

ALFA Security Systems specialises in security consultancy services to provide customised security solutions to our clients throughout the Middle East We believe that it is important to ensure that every security solution is customised to our client’s needs.

We have security experts who can assess your property, determine possible security risks, and implement a system that will effectively protect your property, as well as your employees and customers if you have a busines

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

ALFA Security Systems specialises in closed circuit television (CCTV) security to our clients in Dubai and throughout the Middle East.

Our CCTV systems make use of reliable hardware, which offers the ability to provide day and night cameras for a complete security solution. CCTV security systems are ideal for any property owner who need to know what’s happening around them. These cameras are installed to operate 24 hours a day, day or night. It’s not only a great way to deter pot

Access Control & Intruder Detection

ALFA Security Systems specialises in access control and intruder detection systems. Access control is extremely important for many premises, especially businesses that need to keep a close eye on everyone accessing their property.

When it comes to access control, it’s important to have an integrated system. In the event that you have a business with employees, you can ensure that they use their credentials to gain access to the property, while you keep unwanted visitors out. 


ALFA Security Systems specialises in public address systems throughout the Middle East. This forms part of our security services, and we are proud of the high-quality solutions we provide. We have a wide variety of additional security solutions available, making us your preferred partner for any security services throughout the Middle East.

Perimeter Protection

ALFA Security Systems specialises in perimeter protection as part of our security services to our valued clients in the Middle East. As part of your security efforts, perimeter protection is a very important aspect when it comes to securing your premises.

Gate Barriers and Road Blockers

ALFA Security Systems is a leader when it comes to gate barriers and road blockers in the Middle East. This forms part of our security services, and we have years of experience in the industry. We are your number one solution for all your security needs .


ALFA Security Systems is a leader when it comes to the installation and maintenance of automatic door motors and automatic gates in the Middle East. When security is vital, your entrances are crucial to protect. We ensure that we not only provide you with the best security products, but also reliable products that will last.

Metal Detectors and X-Ray Machines

ALFA Security Systems has more than 20 years’ experience in the security industry and also specializes in metal detectors and x-ray machines. We provide a complete security solution for our clients throughout the Middle East and ensure that we only offer the highest quality workmanship and value for money.

Smart Home Systems and Intercom Systems

ALFA Security Systems is a leading provider of smart home systems in the Middle East. We specialise in security, and having a smart home is the ideal way to ensure that your home is not only completely improved, but also secured at the same time.

Central Dish

ALFA Security Systems specialises in central dish installations. This includes dish installations for buildings, shops, offices and other commercial businesses. We install digital HD, 3D and normal dish installations, as well as card slot models and dish antenna fixing with cabling.

IP Telephony - PABX Systems

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. The users of the PBX
phone system can communicate within their company or organization and the outside world, using different communication channels like Voice
over IP, ISDN or analog. A PBX also allows you to have more phones than physical phone lines (PTSN) and allows free calls between users